Detective Pikachu - Torterra Scene

Youtube video showing the whole Torterra garden sequence , many Environment artists were involved in this .

Najim filali saksak 1

Some of the rocks were photoscanned and retouched , others fully modeled from scratch .

Najim filali saksak 2

Worked on the sculpting of the side rocks of the Torterras with the environment and sculpting team.

Najim filali saksak 3
Najim filali saksak 4
Najim filali saksak 5

Terrain sculpting and scattering

Worked as sculpting artist on some terrains sculpting and on the Torterra Scene at MPC Vancouver on the movie POKÉMON: Detective Pikachu back in 2018 .
This was a big Team Work , and had a huge blast working amongst talented artists .