39Array Najim FILALI - The Swamp
  • NameThe Swamp
  • Date08-05-2017
  • DescriptionMade during a couple of months on my spare time . The environment is based on concept arts by Patrycja Skrzynska with some Miyazaki inspirations. My main goal was to make an environment with a stylized yet realistic mood .inside of Unreal Engine 4. The whole scene was Textured with Photoshop only , with some Megascan Foliages. Special thanks To Ayi Sanchez, Yannick Gombart , Axel Tillier and Geoffroy Calis for the great feedbacks.. I also had the chance to be featured and interviewed about the process of my environment on 80 Level , you can find the full article here : https://80.lv/articles/texturing-a-scene-with-photoshop/